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    XML news listings with actionscript links

      Hi all,

      I'm setting up an xml news reader based on thegoldenmean.com's great tutorial. However unlike most flash xml parsers, I want to have both truncated and expanded story views all sit within the same swf. So when you click the headline of a truncated news article, the full article appears in the same text field in the same swf.

      Ideally, I would nonetheless format the parsed xml as html within the text field, thus nesting the headlines in <a> tags, or something that I can style with css. Trouble is, I want to call a function (ie. load the full news article) when clicking on the headline, instead of linking to an html page. I imagine that the 'classic' way to do this would be to dynamically create invisible buttons over the headlines, but I'd rather not. Can I, perchance, override the way text fields handle html links (call another function instead of getURL?)? Has anyone come up with a different solution?