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    Need help understanding the best video format for web


      I have read previous posts on options for creating video that works on modern browsers and mobile devices, and have basically come to the conclusion that I need to use at least two, if not three formats: OGG/FLV and possibly WebM.


      The challenge I am having is that the video I need to create is a screencast that I recorded in Camtasia and then imported (from a mov file) into Premiere so I could add some titles and decent transitions (a huge weakness in Camtasia Studio).


      After reading posts here, it's clear that the H.264 format will not be ideal for handling the text based screen recordings, so I followed advice in another post and made a .wmv file. The quality is not as good as the Camtasia .flv output but is decent.


      The problem I am having now is figuring out how to use a  video format that is not H.264 online. I tried using Sony Vegas to convert to .OGG, but before I even got to the export stage it was obvious that the dimensions were not being detected correctly and that the text was too blurry.


      For this situation, what codexes would you recommend I use to meet my requirements, with a source video that is a 15 fps screen recording done at 1024 x 768?


      Thanks, Julie

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          I wouldn't recommend anything but H.264.  There is no better codec.

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            Steven L. Gotz Level 5

            First of all, I post text based tutorials in H.264 without a problem. I don't use Camtasia anymore, I use CamStudio (it is free).


            Maybe if I type into this window and record it at the same time I can show you the quality of the H.264 codec.


            I record 24 frames per second into an AVI that uses the Lagarith lossless codec. It makes a very large file, but I have the room on my RAID0 and Premiere Pro likes it just fine. I added a title just because you said that is what you do.


            I exported the following to H.264 using the YouTube preset without changes.  Sorry, but I realized after the fact that the title is a little soft. That is one of my normal font styles and I forgot to make it sharper. I watched this at full screen on a 1920X1080 monitor and it looked pretty good to me. Pretty darn close to what I saw on my screen when I recorded it. I put the video on one screen and this page on the other and I have to say "Is it live or is it Memorex?" (Sorry, old commercial for audio tape.)


            So I have to ask, what is it that is causing you trouble? The way you capture or the way you export, or both? Also, have you played it back a couple of times. Sometimes I don't get the HD to show up clearly on YouTube until the second time through. That is not the fault of the codec though.