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    FadeIn and SetTimeout bug


      As you can see i am using big time delay ms value for setTimeout function, but it doesn't work, another bad things happen than i am trying to fadeIn or animate opacity to 100, it's ok than i minus it to the zero, but plus always doesn't work, any suggestions?


      file: https://creative.adobe.com/file/f0263e19-0f80-4e53-8b0f-b9963ada536f

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          heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

          You CC link is not working?



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            ostgur Level 1

            yeah, my mistake, thanks, turn on sharing on this https://creative.adobe.com/file/f0263e19-0f80-4e53-8b0f-b9963ada536f

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              joel_pau Level 5



              Here is an attempt: Attached files.

              Note: I only tested using Safari.


              New code (compositionReady):

              var SlideInChange = function(SlideInCheck)  {


                 if(SlideInCheck == 0){

                                   sym.$("SlideInA").fadeOut(2500);//grey disappears

                                   sym.$("SlideInB").fadeIn(2500);//red appears

                                   sym.$("Result").html('SlideInCheck = '+SlideInCheck+'. SlideInA (grey) disappears and SlideInB (red) appears');

                                   SlideInCheck = 1;

                 } else if(SlideInCheck == 1){

                                   sym.$("SlideInA").fadeIn(2500);//grey appears

                                   sym.$("SlideInB").fadeOut(2500);//red disappears

                                   sym.$("Result").html('SlideInCheck = '+SlideInCheck+'. SlideInA (grey) appears and SlideInB (red) disappears');

                                   SlideInCheck = 0;


                 setTimeout(function(){ SlideInChange(SlideInCheck) }, 2500);



              var start = 0;