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    Auto Analyzer in Premier Elements 11


      I've never before owned or used any video software.   I just purchased and installed Premier Elements 11.

      I searched for "Updates", which the program found.  After starting to download, I received an error dialog to the effect of: -- cannot proceed; must first uninstall "Elements Auto Analyzer".


      What the heck was that, I thought.  I had no idea, but I am familiar with the Windows boot procedure, so I went to "msconfig>Startup", and sure enough, I found "Elements Auto Analyzer".  I unchecked it, closed msconfig, and rebooted the computer.  Now that "Elements Auto Analyzer" was not running, the update to Premier Elements 11 downloaded and installed without a problem.


      Ok, I am familiar with Windows’ "msconfig"; but what about others?  How do most people update Premier Elements 11?  So I rooted around as I was exploring this brand-new-to-me program.  I stumbled upon "Organizer>Media Analysis>Run Analyzer on System Startup", and its associated checkbox.


      So I ask, what is this Media Analysis tool?  Should I leave the box checked, knowing that it then loads this Auto Analyzer tool upon every system startup?  Or should I uncheck the box so that the Auto Analyzer does not automatically load.


      If helpful, know that I purchased Premier Elements 11 for the purpose of capturing, editing and burning DVDs from video on my old VHS tapes.


      Thank you for your assistance,



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          The Auto Analyzer/Media Analyzer has nothing to do with updates. Although, when you first install the program, it does run in the background to create your catalog.


          The Analyzer is part of the Elements Organizer, the companion program that comes bundled with the Premiere Elements and Photoshop Elements. By default, the Auto Analyzer runs in the background, gathering information about all of the video, photo and audio files on your computer.


          It can by disabled by going to the Elements Organizer's Edit menu and selecting Preferences/Media Analysis and unchecking all of the option boxes and then re-booting your computer.


          I cover it, as well as all of the tools in Premiere Elements and the Organizer, in much greater detail in my books, if you're interested.


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            Avagadro1 Level 1

            Thank you.


            As it turns out, I ordered your book; I should have it any day now.


            The heart of my question, though, is the following:


            I will be using PE-11 only when I intent to.  I have many other programs that I use every day.  Given that this "Auto Analyzer" normally is loaded upon booting the computer and runs in the background all the time, is it better to disable the function from the Organizer dialog and keep it "offline" unless and until I intend to work with PE-11?


            Then, when I want to use PE-11, I assume that I'll have to get back to that dialog in the Organizer and check the box to activate Auto-Analyzer.  If so, will the Auto-Analyzer then be operative, or must one then reboot the computer?


            Thanks again.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              As I use a similar program, Adobe Bridge (with Premiere Pro, Photoshop, InDesign, etc.), I am only speculating a bit here.


              I would run Auto Analyzer one time (might take a bit, depending on the number of Images and Videos on one's system and the speed of the computer), to establish the Albums (or whatever they are called in Organizer), and then turn it OFF, so it does not fire up, whenever an Image, or Video is added to the system, then run it once more, manually, before using Organizer with PrE. I do not like having a lot of programs running in the background, especially if the are likely to pop up and begin cataloging, whenever I make a simple change, like Coping over some Video files from a flash card. I want complete control.


              Now, Steve, who is the guru, on all things PrE, might have different advice, so go with his, over mine, any day.


              Happy editing,



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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                Whether or not you run the Auto Analyzer continually in the background is up to you. One most computers made in the past couple of years, it shouldn't interfere at all with you work. And its main function is to help you categorize your files automatically and to prepare your files for some of the functions in Premiere Elements (like its Smart Fix tool).


                But in your case, I'd disable it in the Organizer preferences. It doesn't sound like it's of much use to you.

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                  Avagadro1 Level 1

                  Thank you Hunt and Steve.


                  I think a good "compromise" strategy is to keep the Auto-Analyzer active during periods when I'm working on a Premier project, but disable it when I do not expect to be working on such a project for a while.


                  Now, Steve, I have to get back to your book (which I just received) so that I may better learn what this Auto-Analyzer does.  (And in fact what everything does.  I'm on page ONE of your book!)



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                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                    Thanks again for supporting the book, Avagadro! Hope it answers most of your question!