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    please help.... for hhk file

    Vipin nair

      guys i got an issue in robohelp 10

      i had a project of toc in two languages, except the translation content rest all the links are perfectly equal to each other

      so once i created the toc in 1st language, for the 2nd i just replaced the source html files and made the necessary changes in the index as well

      now when i got the check bck for the 2nd language they wanted different index order so i went to the hhk file of the 2nd and got confused to find out that actual index created in the CHM output and its coding in the CHM file is not the same.


      i guess you all got my query


      so where can i make the necessary changes for the updated index? and how?



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          RoboColum(n) Level 5

          Hi Vipin.


          I'm not sure I understand your problem. Can you please help us to understand by posting an image of what you are seeing? Also can you provide some more background? Are you producing two different CHMs from the same project for each language?


          It also sounds like to produce your two outputs you are making manual edits to the TOC and Index and possibly even replacing the topic HTML files. This is not necessary. You could use conditional build tags to tag content for the two languages. This would work by filtering out all content with one tag when you create the CHM. You could also setup a TOC and Index for each set of files and just ensure you use the correct ones when you create the CHM. You could even duplicate the Microsoft HTML Help single source layout and set them up accordingly to prevent you having to constantly change the properties.