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    Edge Inspect as demo or not?

    mari8899 Level 1

      Can I try Edge Inspect or I must buy it first before I can try it ?


      If I really can test it first, its not working... I have Android 4.1 installed on tablet and samsung galaxy s3 and latest chrome browser with Edge extension ON. Problem is they won't connect, can't find wireless network, manual input also don't work...

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          Mark_Rausch Adobe Employee

          Yes, you can try Edge Inspect before you buy it, the only limitation the free version imposes is that you can't have more than one device connected at a time.


          I'll try to help with your connection issue. Please try all the following steps and answer any questions I have in there:

          1. Make sure  your devices and your computer are all on the same wireless network.
          2. Is your wireless network a corporate network controlled by someone else, or are you on a home network?
          3. Turn off / disable any firewall software on your computer.
          4. Is your computer a Mac or Windows computer?
          5. When you open the Chrome extension dialog, does it say "Waiting for a connection..." in it, or does it say something else?
          6. After you've made sure you don't have a firewall blocking, try making a manual connection again, using the IP address shown at the top of the Chrome extension dialog. What exactly do you see happen when you try that?