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    'Save as jpeg' shortcut possible? - in same folder as open file

    adam!! Level 1

      Hi, I use 'Save as .jpeg' ALL the time (Photoshop CS6, Mac ML), and it really feels like I should just be able to press one button (a shortcut) and the name/quality dialogs don't appear and it just saves a .jpeg into the folder that my original .PSD/file is in.


      So basically:


      - Press one button to save my open .PSD/file as a .jpeg

      - Automatically save it in the same folder as my .PSD

      - Save it as '10' quality in the jpeg settings

      - No dialog boxes, as soon as I press the button, it saves it - if there's already a .jpeg of the same name, it creates a '-1','-2' etc.


      I've tried using 'Actions', but it seems to save it wherever my original Action folder was - it doesn't change to whatever the current folder the .PSD is in...


      Thanks a lot for any help!!