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    animation technique question

    Opera Rat Level 1
      I'm puzzled as to how to do this in director. All that I want to do is have a letter "X" drawn on the stage, one line of the x after the other, as if someone were writing it. My stage has a textured background and there is text (so I want the x to be drawn over the text). I've tried to make the beginning of the tween start from the upper left corner, but then the x begins very narrow and gets fatter as it reaches the lower right corner. It would seem that I want a mask to move over one line from the top down and then the next line has a mask which starts from the other corner and moves over the line. But I just can't seem to figure out what Director means by mask and how to create an invisible mask over my text and textured background.

      Any ideas?
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          tdriley Level 1
          Maybe you're making it too complicated for yourself?

          You could create a small bitmap sprite that will act as a "pencil tip". Click the "Trails" button in the sprite properties, then animate the the sprite from top left to bottom right - that will "draw" your first line of the X. Then repeat the process the opposite way to complete your X.

          Hope that helps!