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    Adobe Presenter Video Creator output is black


      Hi everyone,


      I recently installed the Adobe Presenter 8 trial version to play around with the features within Powerpoint. I tried using the Video Creator to record some screen simulations as well as myself commenting it. I edited the video with fade-ins, zoom-ins and all that is possible but when I publish the project, the output video (mp4) is just black. It doesn´t matter if it´s published locally on my computer first or if I export it to Powerpoint.

      In the project folder itself, I can see that all videos (me as a presenter and the recorded screen as seperate videos) are there along with all the xml files and they play just fine. If I want the Video Creator to publish it in just one file, I get a black screen and some piano audio playing along to it.

      Does anybody have an indea what´s causing the problem? I have no ideas left. I tried de-installing and re-installing but that wouldn´t do anything either.

      Any help is appreciated here.