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    not too bright

      I have a jpeg that is 8.37KB and 143x215 pixels (96 ppi). I want to convert it to a psd in order to print an 11"x17" photo but it is extremely pixelated. I'm using PS Elements 10. I've watched a number of  tutorials on resizing but have made no progress. Is there any way to accomplish what I want or is the jpeg inappropriate for the outcome I want?

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP


          Your image is missing. Come to the forum and click on the thread title in your browser. Then click reply and use the camera icon in the message header to attach your image. Then submit.

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            domnic.rj23 Level 3

            If I am guessing it right, you have an image of 1.5"x2.23" at 96ppi which you want to print at 11"x17". So it is like making your document 100 times larger in dimensions. So unless you are printing at really poor resolution ( 10 or 20 ppi, if you are printing for a billboard) I believe you would end up being dissatisfied by the picture quality the PSE is going to produce.

            So, before you try out methods of resizing the image, can you please inform us about what is the resolution of print you want to get?

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