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    No events are getting fired when I try to connect to a farID that is already disconnected from Cirru

    LeaPaul Level 1

      Hi, I'm trying to catch an event when I make an attempt to connect to someone who was publishing a stream but that is not there anymore. Thing is, I get no event, no NetStream.Connection.Closed, or something like that.


      What I do is simple, one client connect to Cirrus, then start publishing a stream, then it disconnects from Cirrus. (NetConnection.close()).


      Then, other client, using the farID of the above mentioned client, who was once publishing, tries to connect to it. No error message shows, no event, nothing, it just doesn't report anything.


      However, when I type an invalid farID, like, let say: "123456", I get instantly a NetStream.Connection.Closed.


      I'd like to know why is this happening, because, I got a service running who interchanges the farID's, and I'd like to know when Im connecting to someone who is already long gone.