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    How to Create Negative Indents (Paragraph Style)


      Is there a way to do a negative indent to correct fonts that have inconsistent left side bearings?


      This becomes more of an issue when small and large fonts are used together. Smaller fonts typically you don't notice the space but with larger font sizes it can be quite prominent.


      Obviously there will be characters that will be the exception.

      Typically letters that are wider at the top or bottom of the character have less side bearings.

      Examples: A, T, Y, W, X, V ("x" is the exception)


      Most characters that have a horizontal line on the left side of the character line up to each other (when left aligned)

      Examples: E, R, U, P, D, F, H, K, L, B, N, M


      One way to do this would be to stretch the bounding box of the title left (for left aligned font), and just add an indent until it lines up. Although not the ideal if using guides to try and line up fonts.


      Looking for an alternative other than having to edit the font file.