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    What is the easiest way to change the ouput of all dateField at once?


      I am a newbie, limited Coldfusion.

      I have a very large form with 33 dateField entries.

      I am working towards being more modular and trying to have only one place to edit items.

      I have a new patient form that post to a new patient PARSER page.

      (our server is now using Coldfusion 10)

      I edit in Dreamweaver CS6


      I was wanting to use something like this:


              <!--- this controls all date output --->

              <cfparam name="#form.*Date# = dateModOutput">

              <cfparam name="dateModOutput = DateFormat(form.*Date,"mmm/dd/yyyy")">


      The form.*Date would effect ALL DATEFIELD entries in the form

      such as...




      and so on...


      Any code that would effectively do this is fine.

      My boss said it can't be done... but I believe anything is possible and that this is probably very simple and easy.

      Thank you for any and all help!

      I am really starting to enjoy Coldfusion and its power!