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    Neat Video vs. RE:Vision DE:Noise

    illucine Level 1

      I have a 1080p sequence I shot with bad lighting (live workshop - couldn't control it).  I'm able to improve the look using the Shadow/Highlight effect in Premiere CS6 but unfortunately that also increases the noise.  I have the RE:Vision Effections collection so I tried using their DE:Noise filter and was able produce a fairly good compromise between noise and image softness.  Unfortunately it's incredibly slow and took about 21 hours to render the sequence.  I hate to wait another 21 hours each time I tweak something and was wondering if Neat Video would be much faster.  I know they claim V3 has CUDA support (I have a Quadro 4000) and I don't believe DE:Noise has any GPU support.  I would try the free trial to compare speeds but it doesn't support 1080p resolution.  Does anyone know how these two plug-ins compare in speed?  What about quality - would Neat Video look any better than DE:Noise?