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    Syncing two cameras and audio with multiple takes and timecode sync.




      I recently directed a show with a RED EPIC and RED SCARLET. We had an audio engineer on set that sent timecode to a slate and both cameras, so I have timecode locked in all my files. There dozens and dozens of takes so syncing everything by hand with timecode would be a huge chore.


      Here is what I want to be able to do: Select all of the timecode jammed clips from Camera A, Camera B and the separate audio files and have Premiere sync them with their common timecode in two video layers.


      Video layer 1: Camera A

      Video Layer 2: Camera B

      Audio layer 1-2: Cam A

      Audio Layer 3-4: Cam B

      Remaining audio layers: Recorded multi-track audio from audio engineer


      Again, all clips have jammed timecode.


      What happens now is when I select all of the clips it creates a new layer for each video track instead of a single layer for each camera so there are dozens of layers in the multi-cam sequence the is created.


      What I am having to do is transcode my native R3D footage, which is taking 20+ hours and all of my disk space, import the proxy files, put everything on one timeline (including audio), export that to PlularEyes (an additional expense) sync that, re-import that file.


      When I am done I'll have to rename my folder that holds the proxy footage and re-link the footage to the R3D files.


      Please help, this has been an enormous headache for me.