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    PE 11 for Mac: How to delete stubborn audio orphans?


      I made a 3-minute music video that refuses to be shorter than 13-minutes, due to an audio orphan (short audio segment out in space).  I am unable to move or delete this orphan.  I have tried for hours.  Interestingly, the main track portion is also locked in place (cannot be edited or moved), which is OK for now.


      Initially, the main audio track was not locked, and it annoyingly got fragmented when video was edited, and the audio needed to be replaced a dozen times.  I am told that Premier Elements does not have a lock feature, so that symptom is interesting.


      In summary, what is the trick for removing an audio fragment (orphan) that appears to be stubbornly locked in place.  Note that the normal "select and delete" does not work.  It does appear to be selected, but it refuses to be moved or deleted.


      Thanks ... Reed

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Press the backslash key (above the Enter/Return key on your keyboard) to show you entire project.


          Enlarge your timeline panel so that you can see all of your timeline tracks.


          Click and drag your mouse over the area beyond your video to select any stray frame -- then release your mouse button and press the Delete key.


          To check and see if you've got them all, press the backslash key. Your project timeline should now be just about the same size as your video project.

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            ReedWhite Level 1

            Steve ...


            Your suggetion is a good one, and I used that procedure first-on.


            Problem is, the procedure does not work.  A chat-support person came to the conclusion that "the problem is in the project."  In other words, the software corrupted the project file beyond recovery.  The support person did not think this would be of concern to the development team, but he was kind enough to give me a link for posting such feedback.  I don't know if anyone will consider it a worthy, but I believe it is my civic duty to provide feedback about corruption defects.  I can provide a copy of the file, if they want to follow through.


            From the customer's perspective, having hours of work corrupted by the software does not inspire confidence.


            Thank you for your reply.


            ... Reed

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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              If the Project file has become corrupted (does not happen very often), and you still have the old AutoSaves available, I would try those, to see if they Open properly, and allow you to remove the Orphan. If you do that test, please update the thread with your findings.


              Good luck, and happy editing,



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                ReedWhite Level 1



                In my case, the project file is corrupted (locked audio, and orphan that is not removeable).  My video is acutally 3-minutes, but the orphan makes it 13-minutes.  Here's the workaround:


                Before saving the project, adjust the timeline bar (above the tracks) to span from beginning to end at 3-minutes.  When exporting, check the box that implies that only the selected timeline area should be exported.


                Note that the timeline bar annoyingly goes back to 13-minutes when the file is reloaded.  I think my observation is accurate.  So, do the export from the edit screen, rather than the organizer screen.