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    QWERTZ vs QWERTY shortcut dilemma


      Hi, I am a student who is going to buy a laptop with a QWERTZ keyboard. So far I have always used a QWERTY keyboard but anyway...I was wondering what changes to expect on a QWERTZ keyboard when accessing shortcuts for either Photoshop, Illustrator and inDesign. Any ideas? Thanks

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          Steve Fairbairn Level 5

          There are many kinds of keyboard layouts (I have never seen a QWERTZ one though).

          Here for example is the one I use:


          I think the best thing you can do is to experiment.

          For example Cmd+Y is for showing or hiding the preview – very commonly used.

          See if Z works like Y on your keyboard (where is Y on a QWERTZ?).


          I know for example that > on my keyboard should be held down for moving patterns manually.

          The standard US/UK keyboard uses the tilde key for this (which I haven’t got except by holding down lots of keys together to make a tilde).

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            Monika Gause Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I'm using a QWERTZ layout (standard German layout).


            Simply said: a lot of shortcut keys of US (or English) software versions are unusable in this layout. This doesn't concern shortcuts like Cmd + Y or Cmd + Q (you could change those anyway if you deserve so). But shortcuts for manipulating the shapes when creating a star or spiral and stuff like that can't be changed.

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              nina123x Level 1

              Thank you very much - both of your replies were helpful! I have decided to buy a normal QWERTY keyboard for less confusion and hassle