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    How can I get EDGE to publish audio correctly?


      Hi there,


      I'm new to Adobe EDGE and any sort of HTML5, so please forgive my general ignorance. Also, I've looked through all the open questions on the forum about audio and not found any that relate to my issue


      I'm trying to work out how to include audio in my EDGE animation that I want to use within iBooks author. I've got the audio to work when I preview it through a browser by using the following code as an on click action on a symbol


      var  track = new Audio();

      track.src = "sound/flute.m4a";

      track.volume = 0.5;



      But whenever I actually publish the file as either an html file or as a widget for iBooks (which is what I want it to be ideally) the audio funtion no longer works. Am I missing a check box or simple step here?


      If you can help it would be incredibly helpful as I've been struggling with thie for the best part of a day, I've seen other people's widgets with audio in and working, so I know it must be possible!


      Oh yeah, I'm right in thinking that .m4a files are teh best for use in iBooks author aren't I?



      I'm on OSX 10.7.5 running EDGEanimate 1.0


      Thanks for looking/helping