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    Flash Player installer hidden & inactive W7



      PC is Toshiba L750D running W7 home premium SP1 IE & firefox.

      When I run the flash player installation program:

      I get the windows security warning, I click ok, 

      I get the user account control prompt, I click yes (I'm logged in as admin) And then nothing happens.

      The flash player installation program deletes itself from the downloads folder,

      It is visible in the processes list of task manager using 8.2MB memory but 00 CPU

      But there is no visible GUI form

      If I want to retry I have to kill the process in task manager.

      I have uninstalled the previous version of flash player using the adobe uninstallation program suggested elsewhere.

      I have checked for blocked certificates re Adobe but it's not in the blocked list.

      I have tried installing with Virus checking (microsoft security essentials) disabled.

      The only other odd behaviour of this machine was that there were problems with a corrupted McAfee installation (license expired maybe) but Mcafee is now removed.


      Any suggestions welcome, Brian