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    Viewing entire tag text

    CharlesBelov Level 1

      I have a need to view the entire tag text that will be read aloud to screen readers.  If I look at the tag panel, for instance at a P tag, there it will contains something like "This is some sample text that..."  I want to see all the text, not just the beginning. Right-clicking the text and choosing Properties does not show any text.  For figures, right-clicking the text and choosing properties does show text in the Alternative text field, but only that which is visible in the pane, so longer text gets cut off. There is a scroll bar but the field is gray and I can't scroll it. Even so, it would be annoying to have to scroll every tag in a long document.  Is there any way to view or export all text associated with tags?  The document is secured, but this is a general issue even on non-secured documents.  I'm on Acrobat 9 for Windows.