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    New build - Your thoughts


      Hi there,


      I have been spec-ing up a new build.


      I would like to get into video making. I have decided that I will probably be using Premiere Pro. I have a x100 camera but will be buying a descent video camera, perhaps something like the Sony-Ericsson-XA10 or in that region. HD is what I have in mind:)

      Won't be outputting more than a couple of hours a week. So light editing really


      I will be using the pc for virtualisation as well, hoping to be able to host 2 or 3 VMs. As a side note, how does Premiere perform from within a Virtual Guest?


      I shoot stills and currently use Lightroom 3 - Will be upgrading to 4 I think once I have purchased the bits and build the PC.

      Currently only one monitor but like the idea of having 2, perhaps 3 half descent display panels.


      Windows 7 Home right now but will probably be upgrading to Windows 8.


      This is what I have selected after thinking long and hard.

      I didn't want to go with x79 for whatever reason I can't remember,



      Cooler Master Cosmos 2 USB 3.0

      I like the size and the look.



      EVGA GF GTX 670 2GB FTW

      Contemplated the 570 for a while but It's expensive and consumes a lot of power too. I hear the 670 is good. What do you think


      Bluray Writer:

      LG BH10LS38

      Seems descent - Your thoughts?



      3 x WD1002FAEX Caviar Black 1TB

      1 x Intel 2.5 520 Series SSD - 240 GB

      Was thinking

      250GB for OS - I have this hdd

      SSD for swap and Virtual Machines. Might investigate RAID0 instead of.

      1 TB scratch

      1 TB source input

      1 TB destination output

      Read somewhere someone who had RAID 1 for input and RAID0 for output. I like the idea, fast read on raid1 and fast write on raid0.

      RAID3? I'd have to get a raid controller, if there is going to be some real benefit, I could consider it I suppose.



      32GB Corsair 1600MHz CL10 DDR3 Vengeance. These will be ok won't they?

      I might as well max it out



      ASROCK Fatal1ty z77 Professional

      It has dual nic and I like that - Asrock also I think are one of the few to support vt-d



      I7 3770 - 3.4GHz Quad Core

      Has to be non K as k don't support vt-d (virtualisation)


      Power supply:

      I am a little confused. I get the following estimate adding a couple of HDD and a PCI card for potential expansion

      extreme.outervision.com - Minimum 472 - Recommended 522

      Asus: Minimum 700 Watt

      Now this is a big difference. Not sure how they work it out but they can't both be wrong by that much.

      I had the corsair TX v2 range in mind but not sure if I need 500 or 900?

      Is there an issue in getting a higher wattage than required? I don't want to waste money or compromise my gear.


      What do you guys think?

      Finaly, I could be buying from amazon.co.uk, is there a better place in UK to buy? I don't mind picking up if it's not too far (I live south of London)