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    Profiler can't connect - No activity happened in the last 60 seconds

    Sarah Northway Level 1

      I'm using Flash Builder 4.7 Game Development Beta 2 with Project Monocle Support 64bit on Windows 7. When trying to profile my project, my app runs but the profiler doesn't pop up. After a minute I get the error message "No activity happened in the past 60 seconds after connection was established with the application. Disconnecting.".


      If I create a fresh ActionScript (AIR) project with a super basic HelloWorld, the profiler works.


      A clue: My project contains vector art assets created with Flash Professional CS6 and exported as MovieClip symbols in a SWC file. When running or debugging via Flash Builder, some symbols in my MainMenu art asset (100+ nested MovieClips, SimpleButtons, TextFields and shapes) are randomly replaced with other symbols from the same SWC. It's a bizarre, garbled mess. This doesn't happen when I build from FlashDevelop using the same Flex + AIR SDKs then run via ADL. If I take my working HelloWorld project and reference MainMenu in it (not even instanciate, just compile it in), then the profiler stops working with the above error.


      Does anyone have advice for how to further debug this? There's no way I can decouple the SWC assets from my project but I'd really like to try the new profiling tools.