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    Premiere Elements 8 - Still pictures in PE are blurred compared to original


      My system is Intel Q6600 CPU, Windows 7 64bit, 6GB memory, 1TB C: drive, 2TB E:drive, NVIDIA GeForce GT 220 video card, Premiere Elements 8, using Microsoft Office Picture manager to look at still originals.


      The Premiere Elements 8 project settings include editing mode = DVNTSC and Frame size = 720H x 480V.


      My issue is the still picture in PE is blurry compared to the picture viewed in MS Picture Manager.  The pictures are either scanned or downloaded from web pages.  Here is a list of pictures with their file size and pixels count:



      Scaned Pics not as good in PE as original

      Cecil about 1921 - 1.5KB - 954x1440 pixels
      Stephson & Nancy Shirey - 147KB - 480x720 pixels
      Cecil about 1927 - 678KB - 768x870 pixels
      Cecil about 1928 - 736KB - 696x948 pixels
      Cecil 193X - 1MB - 1044x1608 pixels
      Ceceil HS basketball team - 2.4MB - 2070x1416 pixels
      Cecil 1941 at gas station - 250KB - 924x1482 pixels
      Cecil Marian 1942 gas station - 336KB - 1092x1746


      Web Pics not as good in PE as download

      Cotton_field 1928 - 372KB - 1600x960 pixels
      Cotton plant 17KB - minor degrade - 350x304 pixels
      Turner School 1919 - 22KB - 450x275 pixels
      Douglas Aircraft Front - 299KB - 720x587 pixels


      I burned a trial DVD to see if the picture quality would be better after processing onto DVD but it was not.


      What can I do to improve PE picture quality?