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    Help file pagemaker please :(


      Salve a tutti,
      ieri stavo lavorando ad un file Pagemaker su Emac OS 9.2.2 quando improvvisamente si è chiusa l'applicazione e il file è stato danneggiato. Mi sono rivolto a voi perché uso questo programma da parecchi anni e ho provato già in tutti i modi ad aprirlo. InDesign nemmeno lo apre e mi restituisce un errore riguardante il file che risulta essere danneggiato. In poche parole siete la mia unica speranza per non perdere 2 mesi di lavoro XD
      La mia domanda è: esiste un metodo alternativo mediante i vostri "superprogrammi" di recuperare il mio file?
      Grzaie in anticipo per la cortese attenzione e per le eventuali risposte

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          Claudio González Most Valuable Participant

          Hello Stefanio,


          Please use a translator such as Google's, as I have done, to post questions in a forum in English.


          Ciao Stefano,

          Si prega di utilizzare un traduttore come Google, come ho fatto qui, per inviare domande in un forum in lingua inglese.


          Hi all,
          Yesterday I was working on a Pagemaker file on OS 9.2.2 Emac when he suddenly quit the application and the file has been damaged. I turned to you to use this program for many years already and I tried in every way to open it. InDesign even opens it and returns me an error about the file appears to be damaged. In a nutshell you are my only hope not to lose two months of work XD
          My question is, is there an alternative method of using your "superprogrammi" to recover my files?
          Grzaie in advance for your kind attention and for any replies


          As to your specific question, I find it incredible that, at this date, someone can work for months on an important and large project without a good backup scheme. I mention this because I don't know any way to recover damaged PageMaker files.


          Quanto alla tua domanda specifica, trovo incredibile che, a questa data, qualcuno in grado di lavorare per mesi su un progetto importante e di grandi dimensioni senza uno schema di backup buona. Dico questo perché non conosco alcun modo per recuperare i file danneggiati PageMaker.


          (Text in italic translated by Google)



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            Claudio González Most Valuable Participant

            I found this in a ten year old compilation made by BigJohnD (you can do the translation yourself):

            Ho trovato questo in una compilation di dieci anni fatta da BigJohnD (si può fare da soli la traduzione):


            To attempt to recover a damaged publication, do one or more of the following:


            A. Run the PageMaker "slideshow" by pressing Shift + "Go to page" from the Layout menu (PageMaker 5.0x) or from the Page menu (PageMaker 4.x). Each page of the publication, not including the master pages or pasteboard, display briefly, starting with the first page. Once the slideshow has cycled through all the pages of your publication, press any key to stop it.


            B. Choose "Links..." from the File menu, and unlink any links that display with a question mark or the letters "UN" for "unknown," then "Save as..." to the same name or another name. A question mark in front of a linked file name indicates that PageMaker can't locate the linked external file.


            C. Use the "Save as..." command to save the publication to a new name.


            D. Replace any damaged text or graphic elements: 1. Select an element, then choose "Link info..." from the Element menu. 2. If an error appears when you click on "Link info..." the element is damaged. Delete the element, do a "Save as," then replace the element in the publication. 3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until all damaged elements have been replaced, including elements on the master pages.


            E. Using the pointer tool, copy and paste pages using "Select all" from the Edit menu into a new publication.


            F. Export the text and place it into a new publication by using PageMaker's Story import filter to place the publication's text into a new file.


            G. Close PageMaker, rename the PageMaker defaults file, reopen PageMaker and attempt to recreate the error. The PageMaker defaults file is PMx.CNF in the \USENGLSH subdirectory (Windows) or "PM5.0 Defaults" in the Preferences folder in the System Folder (System 7.x) or in the System Folder (System 6.x) [Macintosh].


            H. Use an earlier backup copy of the publication.


            I. Open the entire PageMaker publication in a text editor and delete all code characters, leaving the text of the publication that you can place into a new PageMaker publication.

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              BigJohnD Level 3

              I found this in a ten year old compilation made by BigJohnD

              OMG!  Ten years ago! Mind you, PM5 was launched in 1995, before Windows95!

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                Claudio González Most Valuable Participant

                Hi John, long time no see,


                Actually, the PDF seems to be a few months younger than ten years. Unfortunately, many if not most of the links are broken.


                And, as far as I can tell, nobody has claimed to have PageMaker 5 installed and running under Win 7

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                  BigJohnD Level 3

                  The links won't work because they refer to the old www.adobeforums.com.  Before Adobe Forums transferred here, I made a PDF of all the FAQs, some of which will be getting on for ten years old.


                  As for PM5 on Win7, I too am surprised there's been no questions about it!  Maybe with Windows 8?