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    How can I blur (moving) faces in PE 11?

    leverite Level 1

      Funny story. (Maybe not!)

      I have just upgraded from PE 9 to PE 11 because ... wait for it ...


      I was told by the on-line chat lady that "blurring faces can be done easily in version 11"


      So I bought it ... the Photoshop / Premiere Elements bundle.

      I should know better ...

      Do you know how to tell if a salesman is lying to you?

      If their lips are moving ... they're telling you lies!


      The very first thing I did was to check the "Help" file ... which is a JOKE BTW, as it is not version-specific at all!!!

      Wading through it all, I get led down the garden path to a Youtube clip that shows how to make a thought baloon follow a cat using "Motion Tracking".



      "OK" I thought, "I'll just use that idea with a mask and a mosaic effect, and have the effect chase the face.


      Oh, wait a minute ... now I've now discovered that "Motion Tracking" was abandoned with version 10.

      ~Sigh~ OK ... well I do still have version 9 installed, let me try that.

      I think I understand why it was abandoned!


      So now what?

      I also bought Magix Movie Edit Pro MX ... and it wants to lay down another complete track, make a mosaik mask, etc . Problem is that the mask doesn't follow the moving face either!


      Doing further research on video editors in general, I've been introduced to a term called "keyframing".

      Seriously? From my limited understanding, that sounds like an awful lot of work!


      Perhaps I'm just a newb looking for a "silver bullet" fix?

      Surely this must be a common concern in this day and age with FOIP (Freedom Of Information & Privacy) and being "politically correct" etc.


      Do I have to wait for the NEXT release?

      Pay ANOTHER $150.00 after another salesman that convinces me that "it's very easy in this version"???