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    Where are my shortcut keys?


      I was using the free trial of SC6, migrated all my settings and such from SC3, and everything worked super good for the 30 days. Enter day 31 when I decide to go ahead and buy SC6, now the program is not working correctly!! What happened to my shortcut keys that were there before I bought my copy? This makes absolutely no sense since there were not suppose to be any program changes!  Help! I need my programmed keys!

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          What do you mean? Are only the shortcuts M.I.A. or is something else wrong? How did you serialize/ activate? Did you reinstall the program or just input the serial in the trial?



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            c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

            If you still have CS3 installed you should be able to manually transfer the kys-file if Edit > Presets > Migrate Presets should not work out.

            Are any of the Presets you have edited since you started using CS6 still intact in Photoshop? If so you may want to save them.

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              CountryLiv Level 1

              Hello.  I just entered the serial number in the trial!  The weird part to me is that I was editing a file, decided to stop and purchase CS6, so closed down and went to Adobe and made the purchase and got the SN. When I opened PS to enter the SN everything seemed the same but when I tried to use my shortcut keys (my shortcut keys, not the program's shortcut keys) they would not work. I went to CS3 and found the set I had migrated to CS6 but I could not find the migrated set in CS6. Looked everywhere in Programs Docs, Programs, Programs (86), did a search and the only ones found were the ones on CS3! I migrated them once again and it worked. Since this happened I have been saving all my menus and presets to a special file just for safety's sake.

              I have been in awe of how well this program works as compared to my CS3! I love CS3 but it had some bumps and grinds that drove me bonkers at times, knock wood, I have not run into any of those problems with CS6.


              Thanks for the input!

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                CountryLiv Level 1

                Thanks so much for suggesting the saves.  I have now set up a special folder to hold all my preset copies! I think I shall leave CS3 for another couple months

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                  c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

                  Just to make sure, if you have sufficient disk space there is no need to uninstall the older version.