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    Submit the PDF over and over from web browser




      I have created a submit button on a form and submititng to local server. My requirement is user should able to hit the Submit button over and over untill they close thye browser. Every time they hit thye submit button, I get updated data PDF.


           I could able to do this only one time. It means, when I load the form first time from web broweser the "this.URL" variable in jvascript gives as http://localhost/xxx/yyy. After I Submit the button then this.URL gives as c://users/my user name/temp/xxx.pdf which can't submit to the URL. I am using a servlet to capture the pdf and sneding the entire pdf back to the server because user should able to see their PDF on browser. If I do not send the pdf back then it gives blank page.


      The question is


      1. Can I stay in the same PDF after I hit the Submit button.
      2. If issue #1 is not possible then how can I submit the PDF over and over without loosing it from broweser.