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    DVD Basic Scripting...

      I'm not sure where am I at the moment. All I need is General ideas of what DVD script on Director should be looked like.
      I use data from hard drive and video from disc drive.

      Managed to put DVD on stage and I want to make a button to control not using the controllers that Director provide. Because i need just two buttons to control it.

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          I suppose the answer to your question will very much depend upon which 2
          buttons you need. Let's assume you want a Play and a Pause button

          --play button
          on mouseUp me

          --pause button
          on mouseUp me

          You need to change the DVDMEMBER reference to whatever the name of your
          DVD member is.
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            Goyza Level 1
            Forgot to mention that I want to play the dvd on the specific time. for example "([#title:2, #chapter:0], [#title:2, #chapter:20])"

            do that need -- on DVDeventnotification --?

            that is all.

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              DVDeventNotivication is used during runtime to let Director know that an
              event has passed (like going to a new chapter or something). I don't
              think it is what you want. Look up the play() (DVD) note in the help
              file. It tells how to start the DVD at a specified place.

              dvdObjRef.play(beginTitle, beginChapter, endTitle, endChapter)

              will do it, or you can set the startTimeList and the stopTimeList and
              use the standard dvdObjRef.play()