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    Reg - 'F1' key event in Combo box

    Mani S




            I have requirement that to launch a browser window on press of 'F1' key while the movie (swf) has focus. I did it and working fine for me in web application.


      Problem statement:

            When a movie had been launched and having focus in 'Combo box' (which has list of items starts with A to Z letters) control then, i pressed 'F1' key but the browser window has not been launched, instead 'Combo box's key action event get fired and the item starts with the letter 'P' has been selected in the combo box list. If now again i press 'F1' key the browser window has launched as per my requirement.


            This behavior is happening whenever the launched movie has focus in 'Combo box'; otherwise if the focus is on some other control like TextInput etc., no problem for me. One more information, if the Combo box doesn't have any item starts with the letter 'P' then no problem for me.


            I tried to understand the behavior of combo, but still i don't have any clue. Please share your knowledge/thoughts.



            Flex builder 3.5

            Adobe flash player 11.2

            Windows XP SP3