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    Can we create a Simulation tutorial steps from a Video in HTML5

    Vikas_088 Level 1

      Hi Everyone,


      I want to create a tutorial something like a simulation by using the video. And the big thing is that it has to be in html5 format. I have one video in MP4 format from which I have to create the tutorial.The video is just a screen recording of some dashboard and the client wants to make it like a tour tutorial by giving them options to choose help and other features. the output needed by the client should be in exe format. When the person will click on the exe icon, the first welcome screen will appear. In that screen, there will  be options to choose, eg - "Press F1 to take help", Press "A" to show notes of that particular screen, etc.


      Its like a full control on the video in which the user will get interativity and learning of the dashboard. Lets say, we are planning to provide a highlight feature in simulation. In video, the user will see the highlight feature on some tab. And on clicking that tab, that will take him to the next screen of the dasboard.


      I am curious to do this thing but dont have the expertise to do. Can anybody help me out in this please.



      Vikas Sharma