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    XML validation error while parsing MXI Manifest

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      I have created an hybrid extension for Photoshop. I want to upload my extension on Adobe Exchange. during the upload process I get an error,

      "XML validation error while parsing MXI Manifest: Declarations can only occur in the doctype declaration. Line: 19 Position: 791 Last 80 unconsumed characters".


      The error description specifies that description in MXI file is not valid. Below are the contents of my MXI file.










                <author name="abcd" />




                <product familyname="Photoshop" maxversion="" primary="true" version="12.0"/>  






      <p><font size="14" color="black"><b>abcd</b> qwertyuioipafgjhkjljljklkjl


      Open Extension via: Photoshop top menu > Window > Extensions > abcd.


      Online support at: <a href="http://www.abcd.com/help.php">http://www.abcd.com/help.php</a></font></p>
















                  <file destination="$ExtensionSpecificEMStore/com.abcd/html/abcd.html" products="" source="zxp-support/Description/abcd.html"/>

                  <file destination="$ExtensionSpecificEMStore/com.abcd/html/abcd.png" products="" source="zxp-support/Description/abcd.png"/>

                  <file destination="" file-type="CSXS" products="" source="abcd.zxp"/> 

                  <file destination="$automate" file-type="plugin" platform="mac" products="Photoshop" source="mac/abcd.plugin"/>

                  <file destination="$automate" file-type="plugin" platform="win" products="Photoshop32" source="win32/abcd.8li"/>

                  <file destination="$automate" file-type="plugin" platform="win" products="Photoshop64" source="win64/abcd.8li"/>





      Can anyone please point out why am I getting the error?



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          Carl Sun Level 4

          1. I think you should escape the ">" character in "menu > Window > Extensions > abcd." to "menu &gt; Window &gt; Extensions &gt; abcd."


          2. If you don't want to specify maxversion for product, it's better to remove it, not to specify it to empty string.


          3. Don't append the file name to the end of destination, only specify which folder you want to copy the file to.  Please refer to MXI tech notes document.

          <file destination="$ExtensionSpecificEMStore/com.abcd/html/abcd.html" products="" source="zxp-support/Description/abcd.html"/>

          should be changed to :

          <file destination="$ExtensionSpecificEMStore/com.abcd/html" products="" source="zxp-support/Description/abcd.html"/>

          Although the former still works currently, we will remove the fault-tolerance processing in the new release.

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            poortip87 Level 1

            Hi CarlSun,


            Thanks for the reply. I have made the changes suggested by you.


            I have few queries:

            1.  Can we use attribute "source" in the description tag?

                 I have created a local html page and specified it in source attribute. but the Extension Manager CS6 did not render the local html page and displayed      the following:

                 No description avaliable. Click the following link for more details.

                 "http://www.abcd.html". Is it possible to display a local html page in Extension Manager CS6?


            2. Can I display an image (png) in CDATA under description tag? If yes, then can you please guide me how can I do so?

            3. As suggested in tech notes MXI file must include UTF-8 encoding as header (<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>). The MXI I am using does      not have this header. Do I need to include the header?



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              Carl Sun Level 4

              1. You can use the "source" attribute in the description tag. But the behavior has changed in CS6. In CS5.5 or earlier, the local html page will be displayed in the panel directly; while in CS6, only the link is shown.


              2. I am not sure if this can be implemented. You can have a try. The first thing you have to do is to specify the image file in the file tag as follows:

              <file source="myImg.png" destination="$ExtensionSpecificEMStore/com.abcd/html" />


              3. It's better to add the header. Although in most cases not including it won't cause problems.

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                poortip87 Level 1

                Thanks for your help CarlSun