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    Can't register dragged layers in PSE10


      NB: I'm using the word 'register' in the printer's sense, i.e 'correctly aligned'.


      I frequently edit multi-layered maps, in which each layer must be precisely registered (to the exact pixel) with the canvas. In older versions of PSE, when I've wanted to import layers from another file, I would turn off 'Maximise' mode in the Window menu, and drag the imported layers from one image onto the other.  By pressing the SHIFT key at the same time, the new layers would be precisely registered on the new canvas in the same relative position they were on the old canvas (if the images were different sizes, the old canvas would be centred on the new one). 


      In PSE10 there is no 'Maximise'mode, so I use the 2-up option in the Arrange menu. However, pressing the SHIFT key doesn't seem to work any more, and the new layers don't come up in their original position.  Apart from manually lining up the layers, I can't find a way to register them.  The various 'Align' options aren't helpful for this, as they re-calculate the centre of the layer based on its content. I need the layer to be aligned as it was on the old canvas, whatever the content of the layer. 


      I'm sure I'm being very dumb, and there's a perfectly simple way of doing it - I just can't find it!

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          neeraj chaudhary Adobe Employee



          New dragged layer should come uo in their original position if Both the document have same pixel dimensions

          otherwise center of the document window (if the source and destination images have different pixel dimensions).


          Read last few lines of this article-

          http://help.adobe.com/en_US/photoshopelements/using/WS287f927bd30d4b1f-f216bde12e28ad1224- 7fee.html#WS287f927bd30d4b1f-f216bde12e28ad1224-7feb

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            Blacknest Level 1



            Yes, I'm fully aware of the different behaviour of the Shift-drag procedure occasioned by different pixel dimensions in the two images - but there's still a difference in behaviour between PSE10 and earlier versions which causes my problem. 


            In the olde versions, SHIFT-drag only worked properly (for different image sizes) if the whole destination image was visible in the window.  By pressing View->Fit Image in Window  I could achieve this.  However, in the 2-up mode in PSE10,  View->Fit Image in Window no longer seems to do that (at least, not with my images - maybe it's something to do with the image size, about 5000 pixels wide).  Consequently the SHIFT-drag method doesn't centre the layers as I would expect.


            So the workaround I've discovered is to use CTRL-minus to reduce the displayed image size until it's fully visible, whereupon SHIFT-drag works as before.   I suspect the Window->Images->Float All Images option is the equivalent of the old unMaximise, but for some reason it's greyed out, along with Tile and Cascade (both of which I used to use a lot).  I guess this functionality has been removed from PSE10.

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              neeraj chaudhary Adobe Employee

              To enable the window > images > float all images .Go to Edit >> preferences and select "Allow flaoting documents " option .

              It will allow you to make floating documents which is not sticky to the application .

              (not sure this is same as old unMaximized option.)

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                Blacknest Level 1

                Aha! Bingo!   Yes, it's very similar to unMaximise, though the windows float over the whole screen rather than just within the editing area.   However, it restores View->Fit Image in Window, and hence the expected behaviour of SHIFT_drag, so many thanks.  Works for me!