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    Premiere Pro cs6.02 mac 10.7.5 crashing every 2 min.


      Hi group had a horrible summer where Premiere pro 6.0-6.01 crashed all the time meaning every 1-2 min. on both of my machines which are a 2012 macbook pro and imac, both have max ram and SSD drives. As most of you experienced after 10.7.5 and 6.02 came out things have gone pretty smoothly but yesterday, the crashing came back. I tried two reinstalls of Premiere Pro 6.0 and 6.02 upgrade along with my Boris and Magic Bullet suites but I am now experiencing crashes about every 1-3 min. trying to  to reduce audio noise and minor scrubbing. My project is only 5 min. long I have magic bullet looks on the video and simple noise reduction on the audio tracks, not understanding what is happening.


      To back up, I had to do the reinstalls because PP refused to startup crashed on every restart including after restarting the computer and running disk utility from another computer. This is maddening and so disappointing, the whole CS6 upgrade nightmare has really made me lose a little faith in Adobe. In my mind if Adobe didn't spend so much time trying to rent their software via cloud and made cs6 work they would have converted so many former FCP users like myself.


      Anyway, wondering if anyone has any ideas on what to do, I've tried dumping the prefs. cleaning cache, logs etc. I have over 300gb of space on a 2nd SSD drive via esata via thunderbolt as my scratch disk. In the past I did entire reinstalls from scratch on the OS but I'm sick of wasting 3-5 hours doing that. I'm seriously thinking about going to AVID if this crashing can't be resolved.......



      So please dear reader help a poor soul like myself fix this issue....

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          dfphoto31 Level 1

          Hi update here, so far no solutions. I have reinstalled osx, all the creative suite - I own production suite legal copy. I ran the creative suite sweeper app, have moved my data to a raid lacie thunderbolt, made the viewer resolution to 1/8 I have 26gb of ram assigned to CS6 300gb of scratch disk, 700gb of free space on the os drive. I have removed all the media cache files, all cache on the mac, tested my ram, permissions, I created a new user, I've turned mercury engine off ran software only, tried smc, pram, and unplugged for 45 min.


          I've tried everything humanly possible... but the damn software crashes every 1-3 minutes. I hate CS6 so much it's wasted so much time this year. I just upgraded to fcpx 10.6 might try it I need some help if anyone has any ideas please throw them my way.


          I am editing RED epic files shot on 4k in 2k with 5d footage if that makes a difference. the project is only 5 min. usually crashes when I try to adjust the audio or just putting the playhead in a different clip. Sometimes when I'm in the middle of moving a clip the auto save kicks on and that crashes me (since i have to auto save every min.)... this is such BS

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            KGCW Level 1

            Have you tried upgrading to Moutain Lion ? I was very reluctant to do the move from 10.7 to 10.8 as I though the later was only packed with stupid casual features, but I found it to be way more stable than Lion. Lots of bugs corrected behind the scene.

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              Glitchdog Level 1

              Try unistalling all plug-ins. It may be fixed now, but the audio denoiser premiere plugin caused crashing in Cs5.5, not sure if you were using that. Try to be as barebones as you can and slowly add stuff back.


              As stated by KGCW, try ML. I think Adobe issued some statement that ML was the most stable with latest CS6.


              All the best!

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                dfphoto31 Level 1

                Hi I have not upgraded to 10.8 because I have a matrox mini max and they didn't have an upgrade that would work so I didn't do it.

                I do have the full magic bullet suite and Boris installed, my problem is I had been editing this project for a month without any issues, then last Thurs. night boom crash then every 10 min. then by the next day it was every min. I hadn't upgraded anything in over a month, and the whole system was stable for the last 2 months after 10.7.5 and 6.02 not perfect but not every min.


                I guess I can remove the plugins but I am using some of both on this and yes I did use the audio denoiser maybe that's it? The boom operator had very little exp. and the audio system was from the dp who is in my class but recorded everything really low... top notch gear but low and I have about 9 layers of audio to get the levels up, which is why I had to use the audio denoiser.


                So I am not sure if i should upgrade to 10.8 or remove the audio denoiser...or loose all my magic bullet and boris effects...I can't win.... You guys are cool to answer though...


                BTW what is ML? oooh duh Mountain lion...

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                  dfphoto31 Level 1

                  Ok upgraded to 10.8.2 took about 2 min. and crashed again, then I started removing the denoiser and it keeps crashing so I am going to remove all of the denoise and see what happens...


                  10.8 still not sure about it...

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                    KGCW Level 1

                    Are you saying you have 9 layers of identical audio stacked up to raise level, with denoiser enabled on each of them ?

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                      Glitchdog Level 1

                      Hmmmm, if you can remember what you did last in your sequence when the system was stable then the crashing. Like what tipped the scale?


                      Have you tried going back to the last saved project before all the crashing to see if things are stable again?


                      Are you using a CUDA card, if so it seems to be very very touchy, maybe try the latest update for the card driver and CUDA driver.


                      I've seen reference to people refering to corrupt projects and/or corrupt media, but I have not encountered this since we started using Premiere, so I'm no help there, but maybe you can find a post that will help.


                      BTW, I know it's a hassle, but I always do a complete drive erase and install everything from scratch when I do a major OS update like from Lion to Mountian Lion.

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                        dfphoto31 Level 1

                        Sorry for the massive delay took a personal transformation seminar for 5 days totally crazy stuff... Anyway, just removed the last of the audio denoiser and I have to say it has stopped crashing... I cannot belive that was the issue, I wasted 5 days 10 hours a day reinstalling and downloading because of this crap.


                        I am so angry at adobe for this giant BS..of an upgrade.... Thank you very much for the assitance, you have all helped so much and definitely clarified that adobe has some serious issues with their software once again.

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                          dfphoto31 Level 1

                          Hi JTS, I've done that before so after working all day today I had 4 crashes all related to audio files from the RED files, MOV from a 5d, after I removed all the audio denoise filters.... so.... since I still have the Red Giant and Boris installed I would say it was that for sure...I don't find 10.8 to be more stable actually seems a bit less to me but I'm just relieved that the app isn't crashing every damn minute..



                          Still feel this was a ridiculous upgrade...5.0 was solid... But thank you all for helping me I can't explain how stressed out I was....