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    help with Class garbage collection

    targetplanet Level 1
      I created a Movie that displays flvs and has a couple of menus, and a window for displaying text.
      I created a class file to run it. it just extends a MovieClip.
      This interface is used in a flash based online course that steps through "slides". There are 5 slides that the interface, so there need to be 5 seperate swfs, and each one has an xml file that tell it what flvs to play and populates the menus, etc. So in my class file I am changing the path for the xml that will be loaded, and then exporting the movie with the appropriate name for the slide.
      the problem I am running into is it will open on the first slide fine, but when I click to the next slide that is suppose to display different info, it just loads the info from the first slide. It seems because all of the swfs are generated from the same fla, with the same class file, it doesn't load the new swf, it just reloads the first one. I created seperate class files for each swf I need, but to me that defeats the purpose of using the class. Is there a way to delete the class from memory, so it will load the right file? I tried adding a onUnLoad function to the class file that deletes this(the class), but it didn't work.