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    my navigation bar, created in Fireworks does not work when exported to dreamweaver

    andreea120 Level 1

      Hello everyone.


      i created a navigation bar in fireworks. i then used the State to create two diffrent version of it: STATE 1 has a white background and STATE 2 has a black background.


      I then used the slice tool to cut up the diffrent sections of the navation bar. i then selected each of the individual  buttons, right clicked my mouse, and added "a simple roll over affect .


      it worked perfectly . i even tested it in a brower and it was perfect.


      However, when i exported it to dreamweaver  the rollover stopped working:  exported as "images and html"   and then  used the INSERT = IMAGE OBJECTS = FIREWORKS HTML to insert it into a specific spot. i then uploaded everything to the server.


      Is there anything that i missed out in this process. for example, is the page suppose to be made javascript ready.


      i note that when i  place the mouse over the images, the mouse changes into a hand shape, thus denoting that the brower is aware that there is suppose to be a link there.


      any advice woud be really appriciated.



      warm regards