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    "Popup" opening/closing

      I am designing a site where a few flash "popups" are used. When the user clicks a button, a movie clip loads on screen, sorta like the VH1 popup video thing. I'm loading the movie clip by using the depreciated "telltarget" coding. I have a "close" button the move clip, telling it to go to and play the last frame in that movie clip, which is blank. I have mutliple buttons, and I want to avoid the user having too many "popups" on the screen at the same time, as I am using transparency, and the popup's overlap occassionally.

      Anyway, is there a way for me put in a script where the file knows which movie clip is loaded, and have it automatically close when the user clicks another button? I'm assuming there is, but my brain is on the fritz right now. I think I should be using loadMovie somehow. I can send you my file if you'd like to help.