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    Exporting from Premiere Pro CS5 and DVD authoring


      I have a reoccuring problem with Premiere Pro and authoring DVDs. This is how it goes.


      I shoot a video using a Canon 5D Mark III. 1080p 24.


      I then edit in Premiere Pro CS5, with proper settings on the sequence which are the preset Digital SLR > 1080p > DSLR 1080p24.


      Everything is hunky dory.


      Then I have to export...and the frustration ensues...


      I export using the HDTV 1080p 24 High Quality export preset with the H.264 export codec. This gives me a decent .mp4


      I then bring this file into Encore and author the dvd. I used the regular dvd and the blue ray export settings as a test, but the video always ends up looking horrible with artifacts all over the place, especially on areas of high contrast. It looks like a badly compressed .jpg.


      This happens at various times when exporting animation/motion graphics from After Effects also. When I use a ramp in the background, the gradient is often very banded...


      When I rent a movie from the video store, the images and type look good on whatever i play the dvd on or watch it through. When I burn a dvd, it looks universally bad using all kinds of players on all kinds of monitors, projectors, etc...


      Can anyone lead be in the direction of an article or video that will thoroughly explain this so i can learn it once and for all?


      Thanks in advance.