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    Why is my video pixelated when exporting from Premiere Pro?




      I'm a musician wanting to make some basic videos for YouTube. The videos will consist of an intro (logo, title etc) and audio playing over a still image which will last the duration of the song. I've edited the still image for the video within Photoshop (CS5.1). The image is of a woman screaming and is intentionally very dark. When I export this image from Photoshop, the quality is excellent. When I then import this image into Premiere Pro (CS5.5) and export as the finished video, the quality of the image is significantly reduced and is rather pixelated. After spending hours searching online and trying different settings to achieve the result I want, I've had no luck, and I'm now in desperate need of a professional opinion. Is it possible to get the same quality image within the exported video as I get from an exported Photoshop file?


      Things I've tried:http://www.ashmathos.com/Musici

      Photoshop - Exporting image using different file types - .tif , .PNG , .PSD  etc



      Premiere Pro - Exporting video using different formats - .FLV , Quicktime and MPEG4
                          - Changing the Capture format between DV and HDV
                          - Different presets - AVCHD, HDV, DV - PAL/NTSC etc




      Both the image exported from Photoshop and the video are 1080p (square pixels)


      An example of what I've explained can be found here:




      (The video can be found below the image)



      To any responders,
      Thank you!