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    serial number upgrade issue

    droylsden dave

      I had cs2 at some time. I now got CS5 through upgrade 2 years ago. I have my cs5 registered with adobe, I didnt register CS2 with adobe. I have my CS5 serial number , i do not have my CS2 serial number, now i didnt realize this would cause an issue when i upgraded. At first install yes installed everything ok, had both serial numbers what you need to licence the software. But after a system crash and a new HDD i have to reinstall CS5, but i cant as i no longer have the CS2 serial number, when i input the CS5 serial number the software recognizes this is an upgrade and asks me for my previous version serial number. Yes it was foolish not to register CS2 as adobe would have the serial number, since i discovered this issue i now register eveything. I called customer support and didnt get much help, a typical scripted call centre call.

      So anyone can you help?