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    Switching From Mac to PC, need system recommendations


      The application Spec documents specify "minimum" system requirements, I'm more interested in learning what a "better" system might be.  I'm not looking to start a religous debate, just looking for some good advice on getting a system that improves on the minimum.


      The reason for my question is that I'm switching from Mac to PC and I don't know a lot about PC's, an upgrade to my MacPro would cost about $2300, obviously I'd like to get more for less but I don't know where to start.


      I thought I would ask in this Forum because I use AE CS5.5 and figure its probably one of the more demanding applications so if some answers are in relation to how well AE perfoms with a specific graphics card, for example,  I could relate to it.


      I have no idea what brands to look at, where to purchase it, etc, I'm hoping for a little providence from the AE users, a lot of online PC recommendations come from gammers, I don't do games so their recommendations don't mean that much to me.


      Anyway, I'd appreciate some suggestions and happy to provide more specific information, just looking for a place to start.