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    How do you make the down state last a few seconds?

    Siderz95 Level 1

      I have an assignment due next week where you click something and a little text box pops up telling you what that item is. I also made it so the item changes colour.


      However, right now I've just got it so that you hover your cursor over it, it fades a bit, then you click it and it changes colour and the textbox shows up. The textbox and colour doesn't stay for a few seconds; you need to hold your mouse over it to make it stay.


      So, in short, I want it so the down state stays for a few seconds and then goes back to normal.


      I downloaded and installed the Flash CS6 trial to complete this, and I'm not sure if it's limited.


      At College they only have CS5.5, so I can't use any tools that go beyond CS5.5.


      I 'have' Flash CS5.5 but that was on my old computer (Which broke) and I'm waiting for my new one to come.