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    Exporting to a PDF


      When I export responses from one of my forms to a PDF it comes out huge and spans 8 or 9 pages.  Is there a way to shrink the text or make it smaller/shorter?  The text prints out huge.

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          Brian Havlin Adobe Employee



          It would be helpful to see an example of the issue that you are having trouble with. If the information provided below doesn't help, please email a screenshot or an example PDF to formscentral_feedback@adobe.com.


          Try the following to scale the content of the table when exporting responses as PDF.


          1. Switch to the View Responses tab then click on the "Views" button in the toolbar, highlighted in red below:




          2. Click the button on the far right of the toolbar (highlighted in red below) to switch to the Print Layout view:




          3. When the Print Layout view is activated, you can use the slider shown above to scale the content down to have more of it fit on the page.


          4. After scaling the content to a size that you're happy with, export the responses via the File menu.




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