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    problem importing files to organizer


      I am using element 9 and am having problems importing files into the organizer . It has imported most of my images (jpg) from other folders. One folder does not import. I get a message saying the files are not supported or already imported. All the files are jpg's and none have been imported. I have changed the names of some of the files and then they get recognized and imported. Is there a maximum character name for files? How can I tell what files are not supported? The pop up window giving this information is so small I can't read the list. I removed anything from the folder that was not a jpg in case the import process stop when it encounters a file it does not recognize. I'd appreciate any help , thank you.

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You haven’t set up a copy folder in the past by any chance?



          Normally Organizer will import any image with unique camera exif data, regardles of file name and video except AVCHD files.


          Do you have any scanned images?

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            pursuant321 Level 1

            This is the first time I have used the program so no copy folder that I know of. Is there any way to determine what files are not being imported? If I could I could move them and see if it will import the rest of the folder. There is a pop window that does have a list of these files but it is not expandable so I cannot see the full path of the files in question.