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    Indesign Exporting PDF to Web for Magento website Troubleshoot.

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      Hi guys, usually I'm the one throwing advice to people rather than recieving it. I'm currently working for a company that uses a magento website. I was hired less than a month ago and apparently, no one knows who created the previous pdf's but we'll get to that... There's alot of problems going on here.


      First and foremost, the website we have has a link that you can click on to bring up these documents for viewing/printing. The predecessors and I upload them in pdf format and need to be pdfs. I use indesign to create/edit these older pdf's. When I export the files and then view them they look great (in acrobat). Then after I upload them, there are many things that can go wrong, but they ALWAYS go wrong.


      As a "high-quality print" pdf they all crash saying "an internal error occured". The steps that happen are, they begin to load, and according to the load bar at the bottom they get about halfway or so (this is on a Mac). Then a white screen and the error shows up. This is the same for Windows as well (except the load bar is a circle and fills all the way to 11o'clock). It tends to render all the way or halfway with Windows but never looks right.


      As an interactive pdf, the same happens as above, but it's much faster to crash and a second error pops up about acrobat (I can't remember the exact wording but I figure that it's in direct correlation with the first error message). Also, there is no interactive part to my pdf, it's just some basic shapes with fill, multiple pictures and some text.


      All other options go all crazy. Some load with glitches, some don't. Here's a screen shot of the best looking one....


      cfs stupid.jpg

      This is based off the PC because it actually shows something, which usually loads it as normal colors. Those lines however are always there and always inverted colors.


      Now for the screwy part, because I'm a graphic designer I automatically blame the website and internet stuff, but we have figured out it MUST be a pdf because of a few things.

      1. JPGs load correctly, even when the files are larger than the pdfs. This specific one was 3MB as a jpeg compared to the 2.6MB pdf. We can't use jpgs because they're multiple page documents...

      2. Single page high-quality print pdfs seem to have a 50-50 shot of loading correctly. The other thing is the older pdf's (as in before I got here) are loaded up fine and work great.

      3. EPS's are WAY too big and are saved as single pages as well.

      4. GIF's and anything else, the quality of the images suffer and they need to be print capable.

      So it's gotta be pdf or I'm going to be in a world of hurt.


      Here's a few more things in case you're wondering. I've got all images and internal pdf's linked properly. I've saved them embedded and not embedded. The only thing missing is a font, but that shouldn't change anything? I've saved it as a PDF 5,6,7 & 8. No avail... I've saved as RGB and CMYK, pretty much anything and everything I've done, I've tried, I've failed. I'm out of ideas... maybe somehow rastercizing/flattening images into one layer would work? But I don't know how to do that in ID. By the way, I have access to the CS6 suite in both Mac and PC so I can work either way.


      Thanks and sorry for the lengthy situation, I just figure it'll help solve the problem quicker.

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          Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

          Given that you have no problems viewing the PDF files directly in Acrobat after they are exported from InDesign, I think you can safely assume that the problem isn't InDesign, the format of the contents (whether EPS, JPEG, PDF, etc.), the options used to export the PDF, etc.


          The symptoms would point to the PDF file being corrupted either as part of the upload to the website or in the download.


          Have you tried doing a file compare – even just a comparision of the physical file length – between the PDF file directly after export from InDesign and the PDF file you download from the website? My guess is that the length is different and likewise, the contents differ.


          One area to look at is that of whether either the upload or download function of this website is trying to treat PDF files as ASCII files and thus, mucking around with what it thinks are line endings – CR, LF, CR/LF, etc. – making “fixes” that in fact corrupt the PDF files. PDF files are always binary files. All network operations with such files should be done with binary protocols (FTP is one file transfer protocol that often messes up with this).


          Check into this and let us know what you find.


                    - Dov

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            Sweet, I'm so glad you sad that. Especially the last part because I'm inclined to agree with you. We've tried every option but on the upload I can pick Auto, ASCII, and binary. We put it on auto. I'll come back and let you know what happens and answer the other stuff.

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              Thank you so much Dov, come to find out all we had to do is upload it as a binary. We've uploaded multiple pdfs to the site starting with smaller ones (around 1-1.5 MB) and we just uploaded a 4MB file which is an average size. Everything is working and I couldn't appreciate the help more! Looks like I'm out of the fire. I shouldn't be needing any help from this point onwards.

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                Hi, I am still having the same problem I think. After uploading the PDF files, different sizes, to the Magento server, the files are empty in the product page and the link says it is broken. On the server it gets uploaded but on frontend it doesn't seem to have any bytes.


                Could anyone help on this please?

                What are the file permissions on the media folder?

                the link to the website is [unnecessary link removed]