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    loading JPEG's externally

    Manu Palasery Level 1

      I have made a scrolling menu of thumbnails. A movie_clip( named as thumbs) nests another m_clip (thumbsHolder) . the second clip(thumbsHolder) is duplicated as many times as reqd. and each duplicated clip loads a jpeg file from external source. There is a button placed on second clip which requires to get the corresponding url of thumbImage. Problem is that when JPEG is loaded button does not work.( If JPEG is not loaded then buttton is ok). Pls give me a solution.

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          blemmo Level 1
          When something is loaded into an MC, it will replace the content of that MC, so the button is lost when you load the picture. You can add the button after the picture is loaded, or maybe just use the MC itself as a button by assigning an onRelease event after the loading. To do this, you need to know when the loading is finished, so you should use preloader code or the MovieClipLoader class, and when the image is loaded, add the button with script or assign the event.