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    Is there any way to export a desktop AIR package when desktop is not supported by an ANE?


      I have a third party ANE that I need to use. The ANE has a target for Android, but when I add it in Build Path->Native Extensions an error shows up "This ANE does not support Desktop(Mac) platform". Now, my app is targeting android, but to make it easy for others in my company to play builds without having a device, I've been using the "Export Release Build->Signed AIR package for installation on desktop" option. The problem is, since I've added the ANE, I'm no longer able to hit the "finish" button because it's greyed out due to the error (even though the checkbox to include the ANE is unchecked in the export settings. The only way I've found to work around this is to remove the ANE temporarily and comment out references to it to build the desktop package, which is not optimal. Any other suggestions?