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    64GB RAM in two stages, any issues?

    William GS


      I am building a desktop and need your valuable help. The motherboard and CPU I will buy support 64GB RAM, I am thinking to put 32GB (4x 8GB kit) at the beginning and sometime in 2013 add 32 GB more, using the same kit brand/model. Is there any issues doing it? I have read some comments saying that it might cause problems and using RAM from different kits (even with the same brand/model) is not advisable.


      My CPU: i7-3930k

      I have not decided yet which motherboard, but it will be one of these:

      ASUS X79 PRO


      GIGABYTE X79-UD5


      I really appreciate your comments, suggestions or experience on this,

      William Gonzales

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Basically the two banks of 4 DIMM slots each are electrically separated, so it SHOULD not be critical, BUT the memory controller on certain CPU's can be very finicky, especially when the DIMM slots are fully populated. Then a set of 4 sticks from factory A and another from factory B, or even batch X and batch Y may cause problems.


          I would suggest to get an octo set if you want 64 GB. If you buy a quad set now and one later, make absolutely sure you can get a refund on that second quad set if you encounter problems.

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            ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

            Memory manufacturers should be able to track parts in a batch based on the S/N information that includes the batch info. What you do is buy the first 4 ie 1 set with 4x8 and then call the manufacturer when your ready to buy the 2nd set and verify current production will work with it. If they verify it will then hopefully when you buy the 2nd, it will be relatively new stock that will be out of the current batches. This is not bullet proof but it will help often times. If that memory manufacturer sells direct to end users then that normally eliminates the problems or their willing to trade in the original 4 sticks for 8 of the current batch. However the best way is as Harm mentions.




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              William GS Level 1

              Harm and Eric, thank you so much for your helpful answers.


              William Gonzales