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    How can I successfully install Flash Player on my high-security computer?


      Hello!  I am using Internet Explorer 8 on a Dell desktop computer running Windows 7 Professional 32-bit.  This computer is in a pharmacy and therefore has high security protection (firewalls, I'm assuming?).  A music program wasn't working properly, and troubleshooting suggested I update my flash player.


      I try to download the new version's Flash Player installer for IE on Windows, and it downloads fine for a second (up to, say, 10-20% downloaded).  Then progress halts and my download speed goes down to 12 bytes/sec.  [Sidebar - downloads unrelated to flash player, sending/receiving info in other programs, and streaming music are all working fine.]  If I pause the download and resume, it completes in less than a second, but then I run into problems installing.  It will install to 47% and then I get an error message saying "Cannot contact reliable source".  Another message I have run into is "Certificate authentication failed, please re-install to correct the problem."


      On the website for troubleshooting Flash Player downloading & installing, it suggested uninstalling the current version of flash player before installing the new version.  I have done so, but it didn't resolve the problem, and now I am totally hooped with no functional flash player on my computer.


      Please help!!