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    Why CS6 is Bad!

    patrickhagot Level 1

      I want to select a video on my timeline...why do i have to see Ripple Edit Tool


      I Push the Next Page button...and it is going to next page...based on what i realy dont know!!


      I use CTRL + Right Arrow...Nothing!!


      The most used button...before cs6...the magical "M"=Match Frame...Now I have to use "F"...Why?! what is the reason to change it??


      And something that is the most used in tv reports or documentaries or film... IN ALL PROJECT: SET MARKER (*) why the change???


      I just installed CS6 few days before..and those are few things! But lets say more :


      In the source and the program windows there is the Jog and Shuttle...guess what ? ... there are Gone!!! WHyyyyyyyy????


      And the most ridiculous part of CS6 is : Clear In and Out : well in cs5 and previous it was just the amazing "G" but now to make the editing ever "faster" I have to click " Ctrl + Alt + x" Amazing thanks Adobe!!



      I am a professional Editor I am using Adobe Premiere Pro since a was 15 years old now i am 27 years old. I work everyday with Premiere Pro, with more than 15 hours of rushes. I have to capture, edit fast, and export them, for youtube, DVD, tapes..as fast as i can.


      I have Avid cause it is not fast editing tool, I have Final Cut cause of Final cut x or something like that :s


      I think that Adobe CS6 is becoming more like Avid Media Composer, that is a Negatif point and i really hope it will change its way! I think you shouldnt have changed anything but integrate the stereoscopic 3D!


      Anyway it is not a blog, but i wanna end this comment by saying, that the most amazing thing that CS6 have is : Clicking on "Alt" i can fastly duplicate Audio or Video on my timeline. And I can say "The Best Tool Ever"!!


      I hope any Adobe Premiere Pro technician can reply to, why all that changes that are completly not good!?


      Thank you guys and my dream would be to be part of the developement of the futur Adobe's Premiere Pro products, how is that possible!



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          nullsebasvideo Level 1

          The shortcuts you were used to you can get them again by editing to the keyboard shortcuts editor or whatever it's called. The absence of the jog wheel is annoying, but you can do the same thing by putting your mouse pointer over the timecode on either the timeline or the program panel (and the source too, but that one has a bug for which it stops if the mouse pointer reaches the edge of the screen, the other two do not).

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            patrickhagot Level 1

            Thanks Sebasvideo. I know the solutions. But if i have to go to edit keyboard shortcut for everything they changed i will have to loose a lot of time!!

            Those changes are,for me, not justified as professional devellopement. They made it to look like Avid! That is the most bad thing they did!


            Im sorry if i am angry but i really do love Adobe. But CS6 is Bad!


            And let me not talk about Encoder! Come on Adobe!

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              Steven L. Gotz Level 5

              Once upon a time I wrote an article explaining the shortcut changes from one version of Premiere Pro to another. It was time consuming to compare every shortcut. Some people complain each time it happens. It can't be helped.


              However, it should only take you a few seconds per shortcut to go in and change what you don't like. It is simple and not all that troublesome. Please note that Adobe usually makes changes based on requests. You were simply outvoted. I'll bet that it would have taken less time to make the changes than it took to write this forum post.

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                shooternz Level 6

                Use the CS5 Key Board Presets instead of the CS6 ones.


                What is your issue with Encoder?

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                  wfmc staffer Level 2

                  I understand your frustration. I too think that CS6 made several superfluous changes to appeal to users of other editing packages, basically knee-capping the workflows of dedicated Premiere editors. Reading between the lines on the threads where employees interacted soon after the release of CS6, it seemed that many of these changes were dictated from on high by someone(s) who could not be contradicted or admit failure. Of course I could be reading to much into it. With the release of CS6 there were many more threads on the users forum complaining about these niggling changes than with previous releases. The standard responses were that "..We have data that that says editors want to edit this way and we are not wrong. Post a Feature Request or Bug Report if you want to pretend somebody cares what you think..."


                  One of my issues is that they changed is that one can't ripple edit while the Selection Tool is enabled by simply holding down Ctrl key while trimming. That just hobbles my Premiere Editing Workflow that has been established for years. There's no good reason for a change like that.

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                    How lazy can you get... I started out video editing with Final Cut Pro, and now every time I start using a fresh copy of Premiere the first thing I do is change all the common keyboard shortcuts to those used by FCP. Takes a couple minutes tops...


                    Why CS6 is good: Performannnnccceee

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                      Shadreck Rukweza Level 2

                      There has been great changes in CS6 compared to prior versions. These include multiple camera angles, cleaner interface, warp stabilizer, scrubbing footage in the browser window etc. But IMHO the removal of clip markers has been a great cause for concern! The work around to get this done is now more tedious than it was in CS5.


                      In terms of perfomance I think it lacks as compared to CS5: Check out this video.


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                        xTLS Level 1

                        http://helpx.adobe.com/premiere-pro/using/markers.html   - you can add a keyboard shortcut to make a clip marker. EDIT: Your wording was vague, but I think maybe the problem you were referring to wasn't the complete removal of clip markers, but the fact that much of their other functionality has been removed.


                        Admittedly, the performance boosts I refer to were added throughout CS5/5.5 updates rather than CS6. If I remember correctly I had some problems with the CS5 trial and never invested in it.

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                          nullsebasvideo Level 1

                          srukweza wrote:


                          There has been great changes in CS6 compared to prior versions. These include multiple camera angles, cleaner interface, warp stabilizer, ...

                          There has been good changes, but Warp stabilizer is not one of them. It sucks. It's slower than a worm, and the results are poor for everything that is not barely shaky footage always pointing in the same direction. A clip that takes 30 minutes to analize in Warp takes a few seconds in Mercalli Pro.

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                            patrickhagot Level 1

                            It can be done by taking the shortcut and added to the CS6 but that is not the subject as you can read i said various update that are useless and waist of time for Adobe team.


                            And if you are saying that Adobe make changes based on request then those are my requests !

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                              patrickhagot Level 1

                              Hehe yes but what about the Jog, the shuttle, and why do i have to see ripple edit when i want to select my video...and so on...!


                              If you know how to change your desktop hardware, cpu...any Premiere can be good in performance!

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                                patrickhagot Level 1

                                I didnt get into the details of what is possitif with CS6 and i agree with you especially with the multiple camera angles!


                                As simple as it is : this is my question.


                                for example : cs5 shortcut for marker was : *...the question is : Why change it????? Or why change the : Clear in and out!!??


                                I think they should focus on something else than wasting their time in changing shortcut or removing the Jog! dont you think?

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                                  xTLS Level 1

                                  [ abusive language removed by forum host - personal attacks on other users are not tolerated ]


                                  You cannot just make any system optimized for Premiere - it sounds like you are fundamentally unfamiliar with the technical workings. Premiere Pro 2.0, for example, chokes horribly on high definition footage and uses a horribly outdated prerender codec that renders incredibly slowly and takes up an enormous amount of hard drive space. It probably isn't as well multithreaded as later versions. Later CS versions let you use faster, higher quality codecs, but didn't support 64-bit hardware and the benefits of increased RAM, etc (I forget if Premiere used the multiple processes for more RAM trick). CS5 added 64 bit native support which increased the RAM capacity, the new Mercury playback engine, and support for GPU rendering, which provides additional enormous rendering benefits. It is not even remotely possible to get the same level of performance in older versions.

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                                    Jim_Simon Level 8

                                    A clip that takes 30 minutes to analize in Warp takes a few seconds in Mercalli Pro.


                                    Isn't Mercalli a normal stabilizer, meaning it needs to scale the footage so no black appears?

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                                      nullsebasvideo Level 1

                                      Jim Simon wrote:


                                      Isn't Mercalli a normal stabilizer, meaning it needs to scale the footage so no black appears?

                                      As far as I can tell it's the same kind of product Warp Stabilizer is, except Mercalli Pro is excellent and Warp is just terrible, both in speed and results.