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    Wrapping in Short-Answer Questions


      I'm producing a survey and I'm unable to get the text box of a Short-Answer question to wrap at all.  I've tried making changes to the text box within PowerPoint to no avail--and it defaults to wrapped text in the first place.  No matter what I do, the published version of the survey will not allow text wrapping within a text box--it just keeps scrolling/typing to the right endlessly.


      Any ideas how to fix this?  I have Presenter 8 BTW.

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          I have the same issue - no text wrapping in short answer survey question in Adobe Presenter 8. The text box in PowerPoint has the wrap text option checked, but no text wrapping occurs, when I preview the presentation. It seems like a simple matter of setting "multiline" and "text wrapping" in Flash. I am looking forward to an answer/solution.




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            mrsjbw Level 1

            Adobe has ruled this as a bug and they've put it on the list to fix in the next release.  The only way around it is to upload your presentation directly into a share pod--you can't publish it to the Connect server, something in that process prevents it from wrapping properly.

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              JørgenX Level 1

              Thank you!

              I don't understand the workaround. When I preview, there's no wrapping. When I publish for an LMS, there's no wrapping.

              Maybe I could create a swf with a wrapping text field. But is it possible to have the swf tell the presentation to go to the next slide, when the user clicks the submit button?




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                mrsjbw Level 1

                You can’t publish anywhere or you will corrupt the file and it won’t wrap.  The only way we’ve been able to make it work is to create the PowerPoint, use Presenter to create the quiz, then upload directly to a SharePod.  Depending on what you have in your presentation, some of the features won’t work properly because they haven’t been published… but the wrapping should work on the short answer text box.



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                  So this bug from 2 years ago still has not been corrected in Adobe Presenter. This is extremely inconvenient. We want to add a Presenter quiz to our Adobe Connect Training Curriculum that includes a survey question, but we cannot because the text wrap doesn't work. It will only work if we share the quiz within a Meeting Room, but then we cannot track the individual answers learners provide. When will this bug be fixed? Or has it been overlooked?